For everyone, the story of you begins at a place called home. Home can be just another word for beginnings. At The Well we understand not everyone has had the best place to call home or the best beginnings to their life. One of the best reasons The Well is a great place to call home is because we believe in second, third, fourth and infinity chances. We love helping people understand that beginnings are a great way to remind us where we came from, but they are usually a lousy place to draw our identity from. For most of us our destiny will remain out of reach if we embrace the identity found in our beginnings. The Well is committed to being a great place to call home and a great place for people to grow in their true identity in Christ.



At The Well, our actions speak louder than words. We honor all who enter into the christian community promoting a thriving culture!​

1. Sin and darkness will not be something we avoid or fear. We will not deny darkness exists, but we will not bow to it. We will love people in the midst of their darkness and sin and will continually call out the gold we see in them.

2. We are dedicated to providing a “Training Ground” for believers. We will do all we can to provide tools, teachings, opportunities, and a safe environment for growth. We all must learn to crawl before we can walk.

3. Mistakes will be tolerated and treated as a teaching moment and learning experience. Although mistakes can be difficult they are part of the maturing process, people are not expected to be perfect, but are expected to grow.

4. We acknowledge that everyone is created in the image of God and has a unique expression of God. We choose to focus on the gifts and talents people carry, rather than the rough edges they may display. We are committed to calling out the gold and potential in everyone.

5. When it comes to communication, we are committed to hearing the heart of the person regardless of the differences in communication style.

6. We are committed to loving people without judgment, forgiving others quickly, and walking in a spirit of “unoffendability”.

7. We are committed to a leadership style that has a foundation of respect and trustworthiness. When issues arise, we will address them with love as our sole focus is restoration of the individual that leaves intact their value to God and their purpose on the earth.

8. Love will be the motivation and foundation in our decision making processes.

9. We are a people committed to a lifestyle of transparency, humility, and mercy.

10. We will love everyone where they are at, but we will love them enough to give them the tools, truths, and hard discussions to spur them on to the greatness that lies within them.

11. We are committed to demonstrating a love that is outwardly focused.

12. We hold with high regard the ministry of reconciliation the Lord has given us. (2 Corinthians 5:16-21). We will be mindful in all of our interactions with people that we are called to love people where they are at, to introduce them, and in some cases reintroduce them to the heart of God.

13. We believe a Culture of Honor is an environment that is saturated with grace. A Culture of Honor is never built around “What I need”; it is built around “What I can give”. If we do not learn to give to those who deserve it the least, we will continue to live in an environment without honor.